If you are having trouble logging into any of our sites, we are here to help. The most basic questions to ask to help narrow down the cause are:

  • Are you using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge - if not, this maybe be presenting issues
  • Do you know your password? If you aren't sure, you can reset your password.
  • Are you connecting from outside of Canada, or perhaps using a VPN which makes your connection change to outside of Canada?
    • If you aren't sure, click here and you will be shown the "Country" your connection comes from - if it is not Canada, reach out to support@simplybenefits.ca and let them know you may be blocked based on this.
  • Do you have any applications, extensions, anti-virus or other software which are potentially blocking you
    • if you try from another device and it works, it suggests your primary computer is blocking the login

No matter what the cause, if you are stuck and cannot log in, you can always call or email us at support@simplybenefits.ca and we will help you get online!