What is Virtual Health ?

A Virtual Health benefit is designed to connect members to healthcare professionals via phone or video calls to discuss health related issues and symptoms. General practitioners can provide advice, prescriptions, referrals and requisitions a patient may need.

Where can I find details on my Virtual Health Benefit ?

1. Open your Simply Benefits Member Portal or App.

2. Select Coverages.

3. Click the Virtual Health Header.

4. Click the supporting links to find more information.

How do I receive care?

We offer Virtual Health through different partnered carriers. Your carrier will be listed under your Virtual Health coverage section. ( See above for instructions )


1. Follow the instructions above to navigate to your virtual health coverage section.

2. Click the link next to "Register Today".

3. Click "Register" to create an account.

4. Enter in your certificate number which can be found on your Benefits Card.

               1. To find your benefits card navigate to the menu sections of the Simply Benefits portal.

               2. Select "Benefits Card".

               3. Reference column labelled "Cert NO." for your 7 digit certification number.


1. Follow the instructions above to navigate to your virtual healthcare coverage.

2. Click the link beside "Register Today.

3.  Click "Create my Account" button on the Dialogue welcome/info digital pamphlet.  


Follow the instructions above and click the link under your virtual healthcare coverage to book an appointment.