Experiencing an emergency while travelling?

Worried about the possibility of a medical health emergency while travelling?

Simply Benefits can help with the aid of our partnered travel carriers.

What is OOP and OOC Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides financial aid to assist in unforeseen events during traveling such a medical emergency or theft of personal documents and items.

OOP - Out of Province insurance

Out of province insurance is important due to the vast changes in fees/expenses in medical expenses between provinces. Your provincial medical plan will only cover expenses up to the reasonable and standard amount of your province of residence. This can leave you covering the remaining costs.

OOC – Out of Country.

Your provincial health plan will not cover expenses incurred outside of the country. This is why it is important to travel with health insurance to ensure you are not stuck unable to pay medical fees in a medical emergency.

What is Covered?

If a medical emergency occurs during your trip, travel insurance will provide aid with

Medical bills


Clinic fees

Legal Fees

And More…

We suggest calling the number found on your Electronic Benefit Card to speak to an agent who can inform you on further details of your plan. You can find your electronic benefits card by selecting “ Benefits Card” in the menu selection of your member app / portal.

It is important to review your travel insurance details before your trip to ensure you understand your coverage and eligibility.  You can find specific details on your travel insurance in your Benefit Booklet. Your benefit booklet can be found under the “Resource Tab” in your simply benefit member portal.

* Booklets only available through website, not available through mobile ap *

Pre-existing conditions have a big factor on your eligibility for travel insurance, for more information on determining your eligibility please click here.

How do I make a Claim or Receive Assistance?

To make a claim and receive assistance you will need to contact one of our partnered carriers via the number found on your electronic benefits card. You can find your electronic benefits card by selecting “Benefits Card” in the menu selection of your member app / portal.

You will be asked for your Policy Number, which can also be found on your Simply benefits electronic benefit’s card.

For further Carrier Specific details and resources on your OOC/OOP travel insurance:

Locate your Electronic benefits card and review the travel carrier provided.

For more information on how AIG can assist you in your travels click here

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support staff at 1-877-815-7751 who will be happy to help.