Can I set up direct billing (Assignment of Benefits) for prescriptions and dental services?

Yes! In most cases, your dental office and pharmacy can set you up for direct billing the next time you go in. Here’s how:

Going to the Dentist?

Here is the information that your dental office may need to set up direct billing:

Carrier Name: Simply Benefits

BIN/Carrier ID: 610361

Network: Instream

Supported Provider Type: Dentist, Denturist, Hygienist.

CDAnet Message Version: 4

Supported CDAnet Transactions: Claim, Claim Reversal, Predetermination

Note: Please ensure that the information for your dentist matches what you have on your Simply Benefits profile. For example, if your name in your dentist's records is not the same as your legal name (as in the one that you use for Simply Benefits), then your claim will not be able to pass through our system.

Going to the Pharmacy?

Here is the information your pharmacist may need to set up direct billing:

Carrier Number: 34

Group (Policy) Number: Located on Benefits Card (MyCard)

Certificate (Member) Number: Located on Benefits Card (MyCard)

Important Note: If your pharmacy is unable to set up your details for direct billing, please let them know that your coverage details are exactly as shown on your MyCard. Some insurance providers require additional numbers to be added after the member's policy number, but ours at Simply Benefits do not!