To help you have a smooth transition to using Simply Benefits, we have created a variety of useful resources. Prior to your Getting Started Onboarding call, we will send you a list of resources. These are sent to Admins by email only, but there are other resources you can get directly through your Admin Portal or by reaching out to our Admin team at For general employee onboarding questions, we have useful information and tutorials on our YouTube Channel as well.

 Resources sent in getting started email include:

● Welcome Booklet - New Members - Simply Benefits

● Simply Benefits Mobile App

● Simply Benefits - Contact Info and Resources

● Enrollment Breakdown

● Cost Saving Strategies - Simply Benefits

● Others depending on plan specifics: Virtual Health, OOP/OOC, EFAP, Spending Accounts

How to access the resources in your admin portal:

  1. Login to the Admin Portal

  2. Select “Resources” from the side bar

  3. Click the title of the required action. This will automatically download the appropriate form.

  4. Send it to your employees to fill out their details

  5. Sign off on the form if necessary

  6. Submit to our Admin Team at

Forms available in the Admin Portal Resource Tab include:

Maternity/Paternity Leave Temporary Refusal of Benefits Form: For when an employee commencing in maternity/paternity leave chooses to refuse continuance of Group Insurance through their maternity/paternity leave.

Extended Health Claims Submission Form: For medical expenses and services.

Dental Claims Submission Form: For dental expenses and services.

Disabled Child Dependent Form: For employees with a disabled child dependent.

Student Declaration Form: For employees with dependents that are over the age of 21 and attend full-time college/university.

Notice of Absence Form: For employees that are off work for more than 10 consecutive working days.

Group Change Form: For insured employee changes including the adding, editing, or removal of dependents.

When to reach out to our Admin Team regarding forms/resources:

  • If you are unable to find the correct form on your Admin Portal

  • You don’t have access to a desktop computer and don’t want to download a form to a mobile device

  • If you need further clarification about the requirements for a form or your employee has any questions. In the case of missing information from the member, our Admin Team can assist in case there is any missing information or if further follow ups are required.