This feature is for when you would like to terminate a member’s benefit plan. To access this feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Admin Portal

  2. Select “Employees”

  3. Click on the three vertical dots beside the employee status for the employee you wish to terminate

  4. Select “Edit”

  5. Click on “Terminate”

  6. Set Effective Date of Termination

  7. Click on the “Terminate” button

  8. By clicking the Terminate button, the termination for the selected member will be applied and effective on the date provided.

  9. This means that the member can no longer submit claims with a service date on and from the termination date 

  10. Done!

What is the Effective Date of Termination?

The Effective Date of Termination marks the day that the member is no longer covered under your Simply Benefits Plan Coverage. They will be unable to submit any claims with a service date on and from this termination date. 

For example, if their termination date is January 5th, they will not be able to submit any claims with a service date of January 5th onwards as this is after their last working day. In other words, if the last worked day is January 5th and the member should still be able to submit claims on this date then the date of termination should be January 6th. This will ensure that the terminated member can submit eligible claims on the 5th, which is their last working day.

What Happens to any Outstanding Member Claims?

After their Effective Date of Termination, they will have 90 days to submit any previous claims that occurred prior to the effective date. After the 90 days, they will be unable to submit any of these missed claims. At this time, their employee account will be removed from our system and deleted. 

What Happens to the Member’s Health and Lifestyle Spending Accounts?

Any member Health and Lifestyle Spending Accounts will terminate on the same day as the Effective Date of Termination. This means that the member will not be able to submit any regular spending account claims or top ups on their health claims from the date of their termination. Thus, if your members have any outstanding claims or need top ups, these must be submitted prior to their Termination Date.