Video Tutorial:

You can update the salaries of your employees individually by heading to the Employees Page, clicking the "More Options" button (three dots on the right) and selecting edit.

A Mass salary update is a large group update to employee salary data. Administrators are able to update multiple salaries at once, instead of updating them one by one. 

Follow these steps to perform a mass salary update:

  1. In the administrator portal, navigate to the Employees page. 
  2. Click the ‘Salary Update’ button. 
  3. In the popup, click ‘Download Salary Data’ to download the CSV (comma separated file) of employee data. 
  4. Open the CSV file and edit the relevant details in the ‘Salary’, ‘Hourly Wage’, and ‘Hours Per Week’ columns. Save the file.
  5. Back in the administrator portal, click ‘Upload Changes’ in the popup and select the updated CSV file.
  6. Set the date that you want your changes to be effective.

Attached here is an example template of how the data csv should be formatted. To access this document, we recommend viewing this article on a desktop web browser. We highly recommend you select "Download Salary Data" from the Admin Portal, as it will come pre-filled with all current data, and you can modify those that need to be changed.

Note: Only salary, hourly wage, and hours per week data can be updated with this feature. No other changes will be applied.