You can start here if you have already received your "Welcome to Simply Benefits" email from us.
If you are an Advisor who doesn't have access to Simply Benefits, please contact to request an account.
If you do have an account but can't access it, contact

Once signed in to the Advisor Portal, you are able to start sending group quotes for pricing. 

Video Tutorial: 

Select Quotes, click Create Quote and enter the required Group information.

You'll be taken to the quote page for that group, and can begin building your request for quote.

  1. Add any number of required unique Classes and Divisions
  2. Upload any relevant files such as census, rate and claims history, etc
  3. Build Plan Designs with our simple Plan Design Builder
  4. Set your commissions for the account
  5. Create and sending Master Application documents
  6. Secure underwriting for the account

If you have any questions or need any help creating quotes, you can reach out to 
We're happy to help!