If you've entered your banking information and noticed a seemingly incorrect address for your branch returned to you, you can safely ignore the address as long as you are confident in the Institution and Transit number you've entered are correct.

Make sure to double check, but in some cases the returned physical address of the branch is incorrect. This will not impact your transactions.

It's rare, though possible that your particular banks information is not in our verified list. Simply Benefits uses national bank data to attempt to verify all Institution and Branch numbers entered into our system. This helps prevent errors and ensures you get paid faster.


Step 1

You should verify that the banking information you are entering is correct. This could be the Financial Institution number, or the Branch/Transit number. (Note: We do not check Account Numbers)

  • Your banks app, or website should be able to tell you these exact details from your account screen
  • Your bank can give you a direct deposit form in person, which confirms this information
  • If you have cheques for the account, the cheque displays this information as per the illustration below:

Step 2

If you have verified that the Institution and Branch number you have are correct, but are not available from our system, contact support at support@simplybenefits.ca with the correct information and we will have it added promptly.

Please note that providing a screenshot, snippet or document which confirms the Institution & Transit number will expedite this process, otherwise we must independently confirm this information first. We strongly encourage you to hide/remove your account number as that is private information which should only ever be entered on the Banking Details screen where it is safe and encrypted.