Every Simply Benefits plan has at least one Administrator to manage the plan and its members. When a plan is first activated, your Insurance Advisor will have assigned a Parent Administrator from your organization to the account (Manager, Owner, HR Generalist etc). The Parent Administrator is identified as such on the Administrator page on your dashboard.

Parent Administrator vs Plan Administrator

There can be several Plan Administrators on an account, but only one Parent Administrator. On the surface they will appear the same, but depending on how you set it up, some of your Plan Administrators will only have access to certain Divisions.

Your Advisor can assign or modify the Parent Administrator for an account, and the Parent Administrator can add new Plan Administrators to the account and assign them to specific Divisions as necessary.

Example: Your Parent Administrator assigns two Plan Administrators to your organization on the Simply Benefits admin portal. One Plan Admin will manage Corporate Employees while the other Plan Admin will manage Operations Employees. 

Tip: The Parent Admin can manage everyone, but Plan Admins can only manage the Division of employees assigned to them by the Parent Admin.

FunctionParent AdminPlan Admin
View All Employees

View Employees in assigned Division

Usage Metrics 
Claims Reporting 
View, Manage, Add Employees 
Add, Edit, Remove Plan Admins

View Coverage and Pricing

Billing Info - Assigned Division

Billing Info - All Divisions

Note: If you have any more questions about managing Admins, check out more of our Knowledge Base or contact a member of our Support Team.

To learn how to add and manage your plan administrators, watch the video below: