There are three types of Administrators that can be on a Simply Benefits account: 

  1. Plan SponsorThe highest-permission admin for a company. There can only be one, and this is typically the first Admin setup during implementation. This can be changed later, just contact
  2. Parent Administrator: Parent Administrators have full access to the administrator portal including access to all divisions for the account and the ability to add additional Plan Administrators. There is no limit to the number of Parent Administrators that can be added to the account. 
  3. Plan AdministratorPlan Administrators will be assigned by the Parent Administrator and given access to one or more divisions. They will only be able to view and edit information for the assigned divisions. There is no limit to the number of Plan Administrators that can be added to the account.


Admin TypePlan SponsorParent AdminPlan Admin (Read & Write)Plan Admin (Read Only)
AccountChange Account DetailsXX
Create New AdminsXX
Remove AdminsXX
Update Plan Admin DetailsXX
Grant & Revoke Parent-Admin StatusXXX
View Employee Profile Details
Edit Employee Profile DetailsX
Create EmployeesX
Terminate EmployeesX
Notify EmployeeX
Bulk Actions
Notify All EmployeesXX
Mass Salary UpdatesXX

To learn how to add and manage your plan administrators, watch the video below: