Submitting Documents For Claims

When submitting a claim, further documents may be required to help Simply Benefit agents process the claim. Further documents can be added to a claim via the claim's File Manager dropbox.

Documents can only be added/removed from pending claims. Agents may choose to disable your ability to manage the claim’s files while processing the claim. Claims that have been completed can not have documents added/removed. 

If a Simply Benefits agent requests additional documents for your claim submission, please submit all documents directly to the claim dropbox using a web browser.

To Submit A Document/File

1. Use a web-browser to open your Simply Benefits Portal, then select Claims from the side menu.

2. In the list of claims, select the ongoing claim pertaining to the document.

3. The claim dropbox will appear under the claim information. On the right click Upload File

4. Select the document from your device that you would like to upload.

5. To verify that the document has been uploaded, check for the document name and details in the dropbox. 

Who Can View My Documents?

Documents will only be viewable by you and Simply Benefit agents. 

Dependents can only see documents on claims they submit.

Will Documents Submitted To My Claim File Manager Be Shared In My Personal File Manager?

No, documents submitted to the claim file storage Dropbox will not be shared with your personal file storage

Your personal File Storage Dropbox is a separate dropbox for files related to managing your account and personal details.