Do you need to submit a file, photo or other document to Simply Benefits? Instead of emailing us, log in to your Member Portal and share it with us there.

What is the File Manager?

File Manager functions as a secure dropbox and allows documents to be shared between yourself and the Simply Benefits agents. 

Using this File Manager, you are able to view, upload, download, and remove additional documents that have been requested by Simply Benefits agents. All requests from Simply Benefit agents for supporting documents will require you to upload documents via this dropbox.

By using the File Manager, we can avoid sharing sensitive documents via email.

* Members are only able to access their personal file manager through a web browser. The file manager is not available through the app at this time. *

How to Create Folders

Folders are the easiest way to organize your files in your File Manager

1. Open the Simply Benefits Portal then locate and click Files in the side menu.

2. Click Create a Folder button in the top right hand corner.

3. Label the Folder, then hit Create.

You can create subfolders to help further organize your documents. Folder management only includes the ability to create folders. Folders cannot be deleted at this time.

How to Submit/Share Documents with Simply Benefits Agents

1. Open the Simply Benefits Portal in a web browser then locate and click Files in the side menu.

2. Select which folder you would like to upload your file to.

3. In the top right corner, click the button Upload File.

4. Select which file you would like to upload.

5. Once submitted the file will now be accessible to Simply Benefits agents.

Adding a duplicate file with the same name as a file already uploaded will overwrite the original file.

Viewing/Deleting Files

To view or delete a file within your File Manager

1. Open the Simply Benefits Portal then locate and click Files in the side menu.

2. Select the folder in your File Storage Manager which contains the file you want to view or delete.

3. Once you have found the file you wish to view or delete, click the 3 dots on the right.

4. You have the choice of either Opening or Deleting the File.

What is the difference between Claim File Manager and Personal File Manager?

Each claim submitted has its own File Manager associated with it. This dropbox  is for any files related to the claim to assist in processing the claim. A document can only be added/removed while the claim is pending. Once a claim is completed the supporting documentation can not be removed.

Your personal file manager is a separate dropbox for files related to managing generally your account, coverage and/or personal details.