Simply Benefits has partnered with AIG to provide you with a modern solution to travel insurance via their 24/7 assistance line and their AIG Travel Assistance App which can provide you with additional travel support such as:

How Do I Find The AIG Travel Assistance App Or Website?

Search “AIG Travel Assistance“ in the App store or Google Play Store or online for website access.

Alternatively, you can find a link to the application on your simply benefits member app portal.

  1. Select “Coverages” in the side menu.
  2. Select “Coverages” from the list below.
  3. Select “Out Of Province/Country”.
  4. Click the link below to bring you to the app store or google play store


How Do I Register?

Once Downloaded, proceed to follow the Sign up Instructions by clicking “New User Registration”

You will need your Policy Number, which can be found on your Simply Benefits Electronic Benefit Card

To find your Simply Benefits Electronic Benefit Card 

  1. Navigate to the home screen of your Simply Benefits member app / portal
  2. Select “Benefits Card” from the menu option on the left.