What is CyberBOXX Home Edition Insurance

It is Insurance which covers you and your family against the effects of hacking, malware and cyber crime.

Who should benefit from becoming a CyberBOXX Home Edition member?

Everyone who has a computer or internet connected device. Everyone who makes purchases or banks online. Everyone who does anything online. In short, Everyone!

When will my CyberBOXX Home Edition Coverage commence?

The bulk of the benefits take effect immediately from the date of the coverage reflected on your policy certificate.

Your additional Credit & Identity Monitoring benefit will need to be physically activated by completing the Equifax enrollment process. More info on this process is available here

What documents will I receive after purchasing CyberBOXX Home Edition?

You will receive your Policy information from the Simply Benefits portal. This includes:

1. Your Coverage Summary

2. Your Equifax Credit & Identity Monitoring Benefit Activation Code

3. Your Policy Number

What does Cyber Attack mean?

Means one of the following involving a Computing Device or Connected Home Device:

  • Unauthorized Access or Use - meaning the gaining of access to Your Computing Device or Connected Home Device by an unauthorized person or persons or by an authorized person or persons for unauthorized purposes; or
  • Malware Attack – meaning damage to Your Computing Device, Connected Home Device or data arising from malicious code, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers. This does not mean damage from shortcomings or mistakes in legitimate electronic code or damage from code installed on Your Computing Device or Connected Home Device during the manufacturing process

Note: Not all information can be retrieved during the restoration process and some data or personal information may be permanently lost. Restoration will be to the hardware and the software (licensed software, apps etc.). It is advised to back-up your computer on a regular basis to ensure that your information can be recovered and restored.

What does Cyber Extortion mean?

Cyber Extortion means:

  • A demand for money or other consideration based on a credible threat to damage, disable, deny access to or disseminate content from Your Computing Device, Connected Home Device or data; or
  • A demand for money or other consideration based on an offer to rest ore access or functionality in connection with an attack on Your Computing Device, Connected Home Device, or data.

What does Cyber Fraud mean?

Cyber Fraud means any of the following, when such event results in direct financial loss to an Insured:

  • An Identity Theft; The unauthorized use of a card, card number or account number associated with a bank account or credit account issued to or registered in an Insured's name, when the Insured is legally liable for such use; The forgery or alteration of any cheque or negotiable instrument; Acceptance in good faith of counterfeit currency; or An intentional and criminal deception of an Insured to induce the Insured to part voluntarily with something of value.

What does Cyberbullying mean?

Means the following costs arising as a direct result of a Cyberbullying Event when incurred by You or another Insured within 12 months after the Cyberbullying Event:

  • Costs for counseling from a licensed mental health professional for the victim of the Cyberbullying Event; Temporary relocation expenses; Temporary private tutoring; Enrollment expenses incurred due to relocation to a similar, alternate school, but enrollment expenses do not include tuition costs; Professional cybersecurity consultation services; Purchase of mobile applications, social monitoring software and web-based products when used to prevent further occurrence of Cyberbullying Event;
  • Legal expenses, including legal expenses for the removal of online content related to the Cyberbullying Event; or lost wages, childcare and eldercare expenses.

What does Data Breach mean?

Means the Loss, theft, accidental release or accidental publication of Personally Identifying Information as respects one or more Affected Individuals. At the time of the breach, such information must be in the care, custody or control of:

  • You or another Insured; or A professional entity with whom You or another Insured have a contract and to whom You or another Insured have entrusted the information. 

Note: As respects Data Breach coverage, if the date of the Data Breach as defined in the above cannot be determined, such date shall be deemed to be the date You first become aware of the Loss, theft, release or publication of the Personally Identifying Information, provided that such date falls within the Policy Period.

Which Devices are covered under CyberBOXX Home Edition?

All your home desk top computers, home routers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones used mainly for personal purposes and belonging to you, your spouse or children residing with you. It includes the software, programs, your personal electronic data, digital photos, digital music and digital video stored on these devices.

Note: The policy does not cover digital data, digital photos and digital videos used in conjunction with your business, profession or trade.

Do I need to provide a list of all these devices for BOXX's prior approval?

You do not need to provide a list of your personal devices.

Note: The policy does not cover any devices that are not owned by you but may be kept at your home, such as laptop owned by your business or the company you work for. This is the responsibility of your business or company and should be insured by them.

What is not covered under personal Cyber Insurance?

  • Financial loss that has been reimbursed by your bank, credit card issuing company or online merchant.
  • Any activities carried out by you for business or professional purposes.
  • Wear and tear and gradual deterioration or reduction in performance of your devices.
  • Any physical injury, sickness, disease disability, mental anguish and mental injury.

Note: A malware detected on your device does not constitute a loss, unless you have an actual financial loss or damage to your device.

Is a deductible applied to the policy?

Yes a deductible applies to your policy of CAD $500. It applies to any one Cyber Occurrence to all coverages under this Policy. BOXX’s Multi – Claim Factor policy protection applies within the first 5 consecutive years of Your initial in force Policy:

  • First claim: $500
  • Second claim: $500
  • Third claim: $1000

After the third claim your policy will not be renewed.

How do I make a claim?

You must telephone the helpline service as soon as You become aware of any incident or circumstance and in any event, You need to do so within 60 days of You becoming aware.

CALL: 1-888-349-6660