If you do not complete your enrollment before the end of the first month, you will become a late applicant which means you’ll need to provide Evidence of Insurability to enroll (a hassle you want to avoid!).

All new members being added to a Benefits Plan can enroll without providing medical evidence/evidence of insurability, however, you are given 31 days to do this otherwise you become a "Late Applicant". Late Applicants will usually be require to provide medical evidence before they can join the plan, and there is no guarantee it will be approved.

Even if you intend to waive benefits, you need to ensure you enroll in the first 31 days and select 'Waive' for the appropriate sections.

If an employee needs to add a dependent to their plan more than 31 days after the employee first becomes eligible for insurance, the dependent may be considered a “Late Applicant” and ‘Evidence of Insurability’ may be required. A Group Health Evidence form for the employee and any eligible dependents must be submitted along with a Simply Benefits group change form. Once these forms have been completed, they are to be returned to Simply Benefits administration for review. After these forms have been reviewed, they will then be submitted to the underwriters for consideration.

Coverage will not take effect until all required information is submitted to Simply Benefits, reviewed, and written approval is received from the underwriters with an effective date of coverage. These approvals may be subject to limitations of coverage or a denial of certain coverage. If coverage is declined, the employee will receive written notice, and will receive a confidential letter explaining in more detail the reason for the decline.