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How do I submit a spending account claim?

To submit a spending account claim, follow these steps:

First, click the “Spending Accounts” button on your left-hand side navigation.


Then, click the “plus” button, and select “Health” or “Lifestyle” Spending Claim.

Note: Not all plans feature both Health and Lifestyle spending accounts, should you have any questions surrounding this, please refer to your plan administrator.


Begin by selecting the patient. Followed by the category of claim


Click on the checkbox to confirm that you have understood the acknowledgment. 


Next, click the “Select Photo” button and upload a copy of your receipt.


If you have any supporting documents, these can be added by the step by selecting “select photo” and upload an image of the document. You can skip this step if not applicable by clicking the “next button”.


Confirm the claim amount and date of supply and service, and click the “Next” button.


Once you have finished reviewing all the claim details and you’re ready to submit, click the “Submit” button.



Where do I find my spending account balance?

Your spending account balance can be easily obtained by selecting the “Spending Accounts” button on your left-hand side navigation. The remaining balance along with the amount used is displayed under this page.

If you have question about your Spending Account balances, you should speak to the plan administrator - likely your employer.


How do I know what is considered eligible for a spending account claim?

Health Spending Accounts

Simply Benefits follows the Canada Revenue Agency list for eligible medical expenses to determine what services and supplies are eligible. This list can be accessed following the below link:

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

An itemized list of eligible expenses is displayed under the "My Coverage" button on your left-hand side navigation and by selecting "Spending Accounts".

What is required for a spending account claim?

Spending account claims have the same requirements for submission as claims processed through a regular plan. Most receipts will display the correct amount of information however some may not; Services and supplies must be paid for and received / administered and have accompanying documentation showing such. In addition to proof of payment, a full description of the claim must be provided along with the claimant's information such as name and address.

For any questions surrounding the requirements for spending account claims, please feel free to reach out to us at