If you are trying to update your Banking Info as an Admin on the admin/employer portal, go here.

Adding Your Banking Information for the First Time

Before you can submit your first claim as a member you will need to add your banking information in the Member App or Member Portal. This must be completed prior to submitting any claims, to ensure that we will be able able to reimburse you for claims submitted or withdraw premiums for any additional coverages that you, as the member, can purchase on top of your existing benefits plan

We have 2 banking set up options for our members, which are as follows:

  1. Add 1 bank account for both Reimbursements and Premiums from Voluntary Marketplace Benefits
  2. Add 2 bank accounts, one for Reimbursements and one for Premiums from Voluntary Marketplace Benefits

Marketplace Benefits: These are additional benefits outside your group plan that members can enroll in for extra coverage. These benefits are paid by the member via the banking details provided when enrolling. These extra benefits can be found in the shopping cart icon on the member portal/app.

Members will only be charged monthly premiums if they choose to enroll.

Updating Your Banking Information

It's important to make sure that your banking information is up to date so that we can reimburse you quickly, or withdraw funds for benefits premiums. It only takes minutes to update, and here's how:

 Desktop Video Walkthrough:


1. From the App

When you open up the App, click the "Account" icon at the top right, then click "
Banking Details"Update the necessary information, and then click "Save".


2. From the Website

Sign in to your account at simplybenefits.ca, then click the Account icon on the top-right corner of the page. Next, click "My Account", then "Banking Details".

If your Institution Number or Branch/Transit Number does not appear in one of our lists, please see the following article:
My Bank Information Isn't in the List