To digitally complete a Master Application (business information), follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Master Application" tile (tab) under your clients' details.

2. Then, fill in the information about the company name, company address, nature of the business, and business type.

3. Add in any additional details (optional) including;

    A. If your client currently has Existing Group Benefits

    B. Dependents with Survivor Benefits

    C. Employees Not at Work (Maternity Leave, LTD, STD, etc)

    D. Contract Employees

    E. Employees Excluded from Group Benefits 

Repeat A-E as many times as needed if you have more than one employee to add to each section. 

4. Next, if your client has a Stop Loss click the checkbox, type in the amount, and then click the additional checkbox if your client has any employees exceeding the selected Stop Loss level.

5. Once all the necessary information is completed, add in any additional "Notes" with details you want to be included for your clients' Signing Authority to review when signing off on the plan.

6. Finally, fill in your name, e-signature, date of completion, and click the checkbox to confirm the acknowledgment.

Note: You can save the Master Application to finish at a later date by clicking the “Save” button, or you can click the “Submit and Save” button to move on to the next step.

To learn how to complete a Master Application you can also watch the video below: