If you're looking to get pricing for a client and would like to begin adding their information to the Simply Benefits platform, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Advisor account (https://app.simplybenefits.ca/advisor/login)

2. From your home dashboard, click on the "New Client" tile (tab).

3. Begin filling out your clients' information including; Company Name, Contact Email, Admin Name, Street Address, Unit, Town, Province, Postal Code, Contact Number, Signing Authority Name, and Signing Authority Email.

Note: Your "Contact Email" and "Admin Name" should be for the individual managing the day to day tasks involved with the benefits plan (updating employee information, enrolling employees, etc).

Your "Signing Authority Name" and "Signing Authority Email" should be for the individual who will be receiving, and signing off on the Master Application. The Admin and Signing Authority can be the same person (generally for small businesses), but the Signing Authority will always be the individual who has final say over plan pricing and plan information.

4. Once all the information is completed, click the "Save" button to move onto the next step. 

Note: You can always save your clients' information, and come back another time if you still need to gather census information, etc. To go back to this account (or any account in progress) click the "Progress" tile (tab) on the homepage.

To learn how to create a new client, you can also watch the video below: